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Why is most of our goods pre-order only?

As we are only a small company and we try to keep the prices on the lowest level possible, we cannot hold too much goods in store. Only smaller wares are available in store, e.g. arming points, slow match or apostles (charges). For this reason, the estimated duration of shipping differs. Nonetheless we try to satisfy our customers a have the goods shipped as soon as possible.

How to order?

It is possible to create an order via our website – you can put the desired goods in the cart and then click on “CART” and follow the instructions given. You may also contact us by e-mail or by phone.

What are the conditions of order?

For international orders, we require a deposit of 30% of the total price. After we receive the payment, the goods will be put into production. Once your order is finished, we require a payment of the rest of the amount. When the payment is received, we will ship the order.

What type of payment is possible?

We only accept payment in form of bank transfer in advance. When we receive the deposit, we will have your goods produced. When everything is ready, we will contact you to send us the rest of the sum. Right after we receive it, your goods will be sent.

What are the shipping possibilities?

For shipping, we use the services of the company DPD as they offer the best conditions and prices for international deliveries. The shipping fee differs depending on your country. Please contact us concerning this matter on

What is the shipping time?

The shipping time depends on the goods you order. We are able to send in-stock goods in 3 days. For goods that are made to order, the time varies (weapons and footwear usually take more time to be produced – it may take a month) but we try our best to satisfy our customers' needs. With the exception of orders with numerous items, we are able to ship the goods in a month after making the order.The guaranteed shipping time provided by the parcel delivery company varies from country to country but it usually does not take more than a week.

How to return an item?

As the law dictates, we provide 2-year product warranty on our goods. The warranty may be applied on defective products only. The warranty cannot be applied on items (especially weapons) that were used in a different manner than intended or on items that were damaged due to incautious manipulation. In case of returning an item, contact us via e-mail or telephone number. We try to act as fast as possible but we also need to consult possible issues with our producers, so we kindly ask for patience.


For further information, contact us at We will be very glad to answer your questions.